A Trusts & Estates Joke

Some of you know about STEP – the Society of Trust and Estates Practitioners.  I was fortunate to attend their conference last Friday (in Century City, LA).  It is a great group, with lots of experienced international practitioners, and this conference was no exception.  But to give you a feel for the tone of the […]

Practice Value, Cessation, and Succession for an Estate Planning Practice

We spend time and interest in the early part of our estate-planning practices thinking about “marketing ideas” and business-development projects that would generate more leads and ultimately more revenue for the firm and its business.  Little did we know that, after the first few clients, most of what we needed was and is already there, […]

The Five-Trust Solution for Same-Sex Married Couples in California

Unique estate planning issues are experienced by same-sex married couples.  After considerable internal deliberation among our firm's five (5) estate-planning lawyers, we believe we have found a default solution.  The solution involves preparing up to five (5) separate trusts to facilitate compliance with both federal and California law.  Background Many same-sex couples who had been […]

The Pesky Salesman is Your Buddha

Even the lowliest servant views with disdain a vendor's marketing pitch.  The same servant wonders why his employer does not respond to his entreaty for more paying work. I have joined, belonged, participated in, etc. many marketing groups, tip groups and networking groups the purpose of which is to drive business to each of the […]

Referring Clients and Others to Financial Advisors

Good luck, grasshoppers. It is a minefield. Meet at least three people, and check references.

Winehouse’s Divorce Motivated Proper Estate Planning

It appears that Amy Winehouse actually had a working, current estate plan.  According to this US News report, it was Britain's default laws that favor ex-spouses that motivated her and her lawyers to actually do her planning.  Her ex-spouse is apprently in prison.  That may be evidence of something, although I am not the guy […]

A Warm Wind At the Backs of Some, Generated Off the Backs of Others

Yesterday, I learned in this Mother Jones article that workers have increased their contribution to government revenue disproportionately since 1980.  In other words, payroll tax (paid by workers) is a larger portion of government revenue than it used to be.  That's a macroeconomic analysis, which still doesn't answer the question of whether rich people are […]

Class Warfare in Tax Policy

I agree with Republicans on many things, one of which is that tax policy should avoid re-distribution of wealth.  However, the conclusion this policy impels is not what most wealthy Republicans would like.  Have you ever noticed when you are riding a bicycle that you cannot tell when the wind is at your back?  You […]

Judge Harpo Myers

I thought about running for judge today. I would have to run – the governor wouldn't likely appoint me (although we share a lot of similar thinking). So in my fantasy world of "Judge Myers," I came up with these ideas: 1. We only use court call. It is a complete waste of time for […]

I love trial lawyers. Especially good plaintiff's lawyers. Like John O'Quinn, a Texas trial lawyer, who won literally billions of dollars for his clients, in difficult cases against gargantuan companies. John was not immortal. He skidded off the highway and got himself killed earlier this year. And his common-law "wife" (not legally married, but they […]